What is the Wild Trout Symposium?

The Wild Trout Symposium brings together a diverse audience of non-profit conservation groups, media representatives, educators, anglers, fishing guides, government entities, and business interests associated with trout fisheries to exchange technical information and viewpoints on wild trout management and related public policy. Held every three years, each symposium has led to innovative approaches to wild trout management.

Wild Trout XII coming Fall 2017

Wild Trout XII offers a unique forum for stakeholders to interact, where participants are exposed to the latest wild trout science, technology, and philosophies. This conference will equip participants with knowledge and tools to better manage, preserve, and restore these significant resources.

Photo credits: Dave Lewis, Liz Mamer & Joe Kozfkay

Wild Trout XII: Science, politics, and wild trout management: who’s driving and where are we going?

September 26-29, 2017
West Yellowstone, WY
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Born to Be Wild

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