Yellowstone Fishing

Extend Your Visit

Plan to extend your trip to the Wild Trout Symposium. Yellowstone
National Park and its surroundings are among the world's great
vacation areas. A wealth of information is just a click away:

In June of 2022 Yellowstone National Park experienced massive flooding, damaging bridges and destroying roads, primarily in the northern area of the park. Access to the North and Northeast entrances are likely closed for the season, however the East, South, and West entrances and approximately 80% of the park are open to visitors. Currently entry is restricted by use of an Alternating License Plate System: if the last digit on your license plate is even, you can enter the park on even calendar days, and the same for odd. By September this may be replaced by a more formal reservation system. We will update this website with changes as they occur.
For the most up-to-date information please check out Yellowstone National Park's Website.


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Yellowstone National Park
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Area Fly Shops

Blue Ribbon Flies
Big Sky Anglers (formally Bud Lilly's Trout Shop)
Dan Bailey's Fly Shop
Hatchfinders Fly Shop
Jacklin's Fly Shop Montana Troutfitters
Upper Canyon Outfitters
Yellowstone Angler

Check out this article written by Bob Jacklin as a guide for fishing in the West Yellowstone area.