Poster Presentation Guidelines

Abstracts for the proceedings

Poster abstracts will be included in the symposium proceedings. If you would like to submit an extended abstract for the proceedings, you may do so. The length limit is 3 pages. Please the see Manuscript FAQs for more information. If you do not submit an extended abstract, we will publish the one you originally submitted. Extended abstracts are due on September 2.


Your poster presentation should contain succinct headings that organize and logically display the information. Graphics should be explicit and brief. Elaboration is best done verbally, just as if it were an oral presentation using slides. A short and legible "Introduction" and a "Summary of Conclusions" are essential. The poster display should focus on:

Dimensions and Attachment Options

Display boards will have a tri-fold design and be 3' high (0.92 m) x 4' wide (1.22 m) and have a smooth finish, suitable for mounting posters with pins, double-sided adhesive strips or hook and loop (VELCRO®) type fasteners. If using VELCRO®, provide both sides (adhesive backing will be required). You are responsible for providing your own form of attachment.


Organizational Tips

Posters should be readable from a distance of 6 feet (2 m).