Ron Remmick Undergraduate Student Scholarship

Application Deadline: July 15, 2022

This award will recognize one outstanding undergraduate student or student who has recently graduated with a Bachelors degree with a strong interest in conservation and restoration of native trout, and is offered to encourage their participation in Wild Trout Symposia. This award consists of a $400 stipend to assist student travel or other costs incurred in attendance of this symposium.

Awards are open to an undergraduate student working toward a career in the Natural Fisheries Resource Management or related field or students who have recently graduated with Bachelors degree. Applicants will be judged on a combination of an essay written by the applicant and a letter of reference. Click on Ron Remmick Student Scholarship Application for the form. Please submit electronically to Remmick Scholarship Chair Robert Gresswell at

Past Recipients

WT-XII 2017 Ben Martin
WT-XI 2014 Henry Hansen
WT-X 2010 Charles (Nate) Cathcart