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Today TU is a national organization with more than 150,000 volunteers organized into about 400 chapters from Maine to Montana to Alaska. This dedicated grassroots army is matched by a respected staff of lawyers, policy experts and scientists, who work out of more than 30 offices nationwide. These conservation professionals ensure that TU is at the forefront of fisheries restoration work at the local, state and national levels.

Nearly 50 years after its founding, no other conservation organization is as well placed as TU to make a difference for the nation's coldwater fisheries. To learn more about TU's ambitious conservation agenda, please visit the conservation section of our website TU Conservation.

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Flycasters, Inc. of San Jose is proud to be a sponsor of Wild Trout Symposium XI in honor of the late Marty Seldon. Flycasters was honored to have Marty Seldon as a member who was very active in fisheries conservation for our club, the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and on the organizing committee of every WT Symposium until 2010. Marty said that, "I'm a firm believer of catch-and-release and very concerned about the preservation of the genetics of our wild fish for future generations." Marty received the first Aldo Starker Leopold Award at the WT Symposium in 1984. The Flycasters is very proud of Marty and for his lifetime of service to preserving wild trout. The Flycasters of San Jose is a large fly fishing club promoting and teaching all aspects of fly fishing with a history of supporting fisheries conservation and the preservation of wild trout.

The mission of the IDFG is that all wildlife, including wild animals, wild birds, and fish, within the state of Idaho, is hereby declared to be the property of the state of Idaho. It shall be preserved, protected, perpetuated, and managed. It shall only be captured or taken at such times or places, under such conditions, or by such means, or in such manner, as will preserve, protect, and perpetuate such wildlife, and provide for the citizens of this state and, as by law permitted to others, continued supplies of such wildlife for hunting, fishing and trapping.

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For nearly 30 years, the Henry's Fork Foundation has been the only organization whose sole purpose is to conserve, protect, and restore the unique fisheries, wildlife, and aesthetic qualities of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River and its watershed. The Foundation is an advocate for wild trout, and its credibility has earned it a seat at the table in managing water resources to benefit the fishery and those who depend on it, local businesses that rely on the health of the river, and anglers from all over the world who love the river and help fuel the local economy.

The Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI), established in 2006, is a public-private Fish Habitat Partnership that works collaboratively across 12 western states to conserve, protect, restore and recover 21 native trout and char species. Covering over 1.75 million square miles of public and privately managed lands, WNTI and its partners combine science-based assessments with expert and local knowledge to establish joint priorities for native trout conservation at a landscape scale.

Proposed and led by local communities and resource agencies, these projects are funded and supported through WNTI's grant programs and in-kind contributions by our partners. WNTI seeks to support and sustain the ongoing efforts of our on-the-ground partners by raising awareness for the importance of healthy native trout watersheds and facilitating greater public support for native trout conservation within local communities. Through our Campaign for Western Native Trout, WNTI helps encourage private investment and involvement in native trout projects and regional native trout conservation initiatives.

The McKenzie Flyfishers are comprised of a group of people who share a common interest in flyfishing. The Club, based in Eugene, Oregon, was conceived and organized in April of 1964 to: [1] Enjoy social contact with others interested in fly fishing; [2] Encourage fly fishing as a method of angling; and [3] Protect and increase the fishery resources. The club is active in teaching the craft of flyfishing at a variety of levels, engaging in numerous fishing outing throughout the pacific Northwest and our members fish throughout the world. In addition, we participate in numerous conservation activities, including Citizen Science studies, cleanup and restoration in and around our home waters and advocate for the preservation of our fisheries through policy and legislative opportunities.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the U.S. Forest Service for supporting the Wild Trout Symposium's technical transfer of information related to wild trout research and management by helping with costs for symposium proceedings and other printed materials.

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Beyond Words provides writing, editing, and graphic design services for a wide range of products. Carol LoSapio, owner, offers 25+ years experience in scientific and popular publishing. Services include multimedia products (strategic plans, technical guides, slide shows, symposium proceedings, posters, etc.) We specialize in finding the right words and the right look to reach your targeted audience. We have a proven track record for success and have been recognized by the Society for Technical Communicators and the National Association of Government Communicators for outstanding presentation of technical information. Our goal is to use "plain language" and visuals to enhance and produce YOUR final product.

An avid fly fisher, Carol has attended and produced the symposium proceedings for Wild Trout, Inc. since 1997. Carol and her husband, Dave, enjoy their extended trip to fish the rivers and streams in and around Yellowstone.

Based out of West Yellowstone, MT, Big Sky Anglers is a full service fly shop, outfitter, and angling travel company specializing in equipping, guiding, and teaching anglers of all ages and skill levels. They offer guided fly fishing throughout the region on famed waters of southwest Montana, Yellowstone National Park, and the Henry's Fork of the Snake River and Henry's Lake in Idaho.

Big Sky Anglers brings together the old and new guard of West Yellowstone's storied fishing tradition. In 2016, long time local guides / outfitters Joe Moore (Big Sky Anglers), Justin Spence (The West Yellowstone Fly Shop), and Jonathan Heames (Jonathan Heames Fly Fishing) merged their individual businesses and acquired the legendary Bud Lilly's Trout Shop. The entire operation is now known as Big Sky Anglers. With over 55 years of combined guiding and fly shop experience in West Yellowstone, Joe, Jonathan and Justin are excited to continue the tradition started by Bud Lilly so long ago. Visit their website to learn more about Big Sky Anglers' story and services.Big Sky Anglers story.

Simms is a fishing company that was founded in 1980 on the pillars of innovation we strive to build the highest quality products to keep anglers dry, comfortable, and protected from the elements - no matter the conditions. Today, Simms continues to take the fishing market by storm with a trained eye on fisheries conservation and inspired product development of the world's premier technical fishing apparel, footwear, and equipment.

Since 1964, Smith-Root has proudly partnered with fisheries scientists to develop solutions for the fisheries conservation community.

Dave Lewis, a lover of nature and visual arts, as well as stellar custom rod maker, spent many an hour capturing the beauty of fish and fishing across the country. The wild trout community lost Dave to cancer in 2008, after a long full life of appreciating the spirituality of wild trout country. His photos grace the WT Symposium web pages and we thank him for the opportunity to experience these extraordinary images and through them, him.

Greg Keeler generously crafted the song "Born to be Wild" for the WT-IX Symposium in 2007, in West Yellowstone, Montana. Professor Keeler teaches English by day at Montana State University-Bozeman and entertains the rest of us with wonderful, irreverent, original songs concerning all things fishing. Take a moment to visit his website for captivating art and prose. Thank you, Dr. Keeler, for sharing your gifts with the Wild Trout Symposium.

Aldo Starker Leopold Wild Trout Award Sponsor

Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc. is an innovative, science and engineering-based radio telemetry provider, dedicated to supporting biologists world-wide. Our commitment to our customer's success has helped us build a reputation as the leader in fisheries and wildlife research. We've partnered with preeminent researchers to design the most reliable radio tracking systems ever deployed.

The experienced professionals at ATS possess a thorough understanding of the challenges you'll face in the field, and we're ready to provide you complete solutions - and valuable customer support - for your study's radio tracking equipment needs.

The Wild Trout Symposium gratefully acknowledges ATS and their support of the Aldo Starker Leopold Medal. Dick Reichle and his wife, Laura, stepped forward to make the casting of these bronze medals possible. Thank you.