Wild Trout III

At WT-III, September 24-25, 1984, the US Department of Agriculture shared sponsorship. Roger Barnhart was Chairman again assisted by Gardner Grant and Mike Owen. Frank Richardson headed Programs along with Bob Barbee on Logistics and Bob Hamre Editorial. Keynote addresses by G. Ray Arnett Assistant Secretary of the Interior and John Crowell Assistant Secretary of Agriculture reminded us of the stark reality of a troubled resource, limited funding, competition among users, and the demanding effort we must all dedicate to the stewardship of our trout and salmon. Jackson Hole's Rev. Dan Abrams inspired us with a tale of the worth of a trout that extends far beyond nostalgia, sentimentalism and winter dreams. Ben Dysart, President of the National Wildlife Foundation, dramatically pointed to the larger picture and how trout hatchery management solutions have changed to encompass complete watershed management.

In August 1983, one year before WT-III the entire wildlife community lost a dear friend and a strong advocate. A. Starker Leopold an outstanding naturalist, teacher, author and effective public policy advisor, passed away at his home in Berkeley, California. It was a tragic loss to all. In recognition of his gentle eminence, the Sponsoring Committee established the A. Starker Leopold Award as a continuing memorial. Awards are given to a professional and a nonprofessional who over time have made significant contributions to the preservation of wild trout. The first awardees were Bob Behnke and Marty Seldon.

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